Dr Emma Rowe is a Pachakuti Mesa Carrier and Cross Cultural Shaman Initiate. She has spent her life studying ancient wisdom, Indigenous culture, shamanism and mysticism. Professionally she has been a veterinarian for 20 years, beginning with western medicine and surgery, then moving into Chinese medicine/acupuncture and finally adding soul medicine to her practice.

It was an evolution from one to the other, but also an integration of all three with a unique perspective on disease and healing.
Throughout the years observing disease and healing in animals, Emma has learnt about the soul in both animals and people.  For example she has found that animals reflect the disharmonies present in their environment, including the people close to them. The human-animal bond is very strong and energies are shared.  In 2017 Emma developed an online program for animal owners to take to help them understand their animals at a soul level, communicate with them and start to heal them at a deeper level. This program is currently available through our online resources.

Emma is now focussed on sharing her wisdom and spiritual knowledge/philosophy and helping people reconnect with animals, nature and spirit.  To find that spark in their heart and discover the unseen worlds that our limited senses do not perceive.

"I have always had a deep connection and love of nature and animals which is why I became a veterinarian. I have always loved all things mystical and my spiritual practice has grown to now be the most important part of my life. Eagle Feather is a true reflection of what is in my heart and what I want to share with the world. Connection to nature and spirit is such a beautiful way to live and I want to help others experience life in this way. I am passionate about looking after the natural world and practising earth honouring ritual and ceremony, living as the ancient ones did, in sacred reciprocity. The name Eagle Feather has come from my strong connection with birds and their medicine. Wedge-tailed eagles are especially special to me." Emma