I have developed this program for animal owners who want to facilitate their pet's healing at a deep level and create the best possible life for them.  The animals have taught me so much throughout my career about what they need to heal and I want to share this wisdom with you so that you can make a big difference in the lives of all animals in your care. 

The program is available from Monday July 24th 2017.   

This is an 8 week program.  Each week there are videos and documents to guide you step by step through a process of learning how to heal your animals at the soul level.  Through this process there is opportunity for profound transformation for both you and your animal.    

You will learn how to:
Understand your pet as a conscious being;
Communicate with your pet on a much deeper level;
Understand disease and what true healing is;
Facilitate soul healing in your pet;
Establish a deep connection with animals, nature and spirit.

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This is a testimonial from Jody who took the course:

"Dr. Emma Rowe’s Animal Soul Healing course is one of the best decisions I have made for my animals and for my personal spiritual journey! This course has made such a difference for my animals. I have two Golden Retrievers who were both adopted as adults. Both dogs have had trauma and have struggled to overcome the emotional result of the traumas. I also have a cat who I have had since she was a kitten. While my cat does not carry the traumatic past life experiences as my dogs, she has enjoyed the growth and healing that has occurred within our household due to the work we have done throughout this course. While we will continue to work with emotional issues, my dogs have fully accepted the journey of soul healing and they are showing such beautiful strides in healing. It is not an overnight fix and there is not a medication to heal the wounding that rests within the soul. Throughout the course, each lesson opened healing opportunities for myself as well. This course is a dual opportunity for healing the community within your home (animals and humans) and within the whole. I would recommend this course to anyone who is willing to do the homework and move through each lesson with an open heart and mind. If you can do that, you will be blessed tenfold. I hold such esteem and gratitude to Emma for this opportunity. My life and the lives of my animals have been changed through her willingness to share her wisdom!"

Please email for more details. 

Please watch the video below to learn about what changes you can make to create the ideal environment for your animal's healing.