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Week 8: Animal Well Being in the Home

Welcome to Week 8! The final week!

This week covers well being in the home and various ways we can support our animal's body, mind and spirit to facilitate their healing at the soul level. 

It is always important to support our animals physical and energetic body as well as our own.  A healthy diet, clean fresh water and adequate exercise are all essential for our pets. 

1. Living a Congruent Life and Keeping a Clean Energetic Space for your Pets: Prevention is better than cure.  Learning to live a congruent life and keeping a clean energetic space promotes excellent health and prevents disease.  

2.  An Introduction to Food Therapy: This video introduces the concept of food energetics and how food can be used to restore balance.  Food can be nourishing for the soul.  Including natural food in your animal's diet supports their well being. It is very important to always seek professional veterinary advice regarding your pet's nutrition to ensure they are receiving the correct nutrient requirements.  

If you are interested in exploring a natural diet for your dog or cat the following book is a good reference: Dr Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats by Dr Richard Pitcairn (2005) Rodale Press. 

3. Tui-Na Video Demonstration:  Tui-Na is a branch of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine which uses massage/manual therapies to restore health and well being.  Three simple, gentle, and safe techniques which can be used at home are demonstrated in this video.  You will be able to perform this gentle bodywork on your animals to help ease their aches and pains and keep them healthy.  The techniques in the video are performed on a dog but you can also apply to them to other animals, including horses.

4.  The Power of Prayer:  In this final video, the power of prayer and connection to spirit is discussed.  A field of unconditional love and grace creates a magical environment for your animals. 

1. Week 8 Goals
2. Tui-Na Exercises

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