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Week 7: True Healing in all its Forms

Welcome to Week 7!

This week is dedicated to exploring the many different forms of healing and recognising the beauty in all. Appreciating healing at this deep level brings a deep peace and calm in the heart and soul of animal and owner. 

Your soul healing skill set will expand this week.

1.  Disease is our Teacher:  In this video a different perspective on disease is discussed.  You will begin to see disease as an ally, learning to work with it and not fight against it.  This creates an environment which is receptive to healing at the soul level.

2.  Honouring Your Animal's Journey:  In this video you discover how to honour your animal's wishes for their highest good.  This is a very important part of soul healing.  

3.  Letting Go: Knowing when it is time for your animals to leave the physical world is very challenging.  The decision can be overwhelming.  This video will give you the tools to facilitate communication with your animals at a deep level, allowing them to tell you when it is the right time. 

4. Healing Meditation: This meditation can be done whenever your pet is unwell or in pain.  

1.  Week 7 Goals
2. Healing Meditation
3. Prayers

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