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Week 6: Healing

Welcome to Week 6!

Understanding the healing modalities and  the strengths and weaknesses of them will help you make informed choices for your animal's healing throughout their life. 

 An integrative approach to healing is very effective and must be tailored to the individual animal.  Restoring balance and the concepts of soul healing are explored this week. 

1.  Western/Eastern/Soul Medicine:  In this video the 3 levels of healing and medicine are explored.  Strengths and weaknesses are identified.  You will have an understanding of how and when to use them and an integrative approach to achieve amazing results.  

2.  Healing in the Individual Animal:  In this video you will learn about the individual differences in animals which affect their healing.  The concept of restoring the balance within the individual animal is explored with an introduction to Chinese medicine philosophy around healing. 

3. Healing at the Soul Level:  Soul Healing is explored in this video.  You will learn how to start applying these skills to facilitate your pet's healing.  

4.  The Power of a Name:  Your animal's name is important.  The power of a name and how it can affect your animal in a negative or positive way is covered in this video. 

1. Week 6 Goals
2.  Quiet Reflection & Prayer Exercise

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