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Week 5: The Human-Animal Bond

Welcome to Week 5!

In this week you will discover and honour the power of the bond with your animals.  Recognition of shared energies will bring awareness to how your own mind, body and spirit affects your pet.  

Healing at a deep level begins this week.  As you go through this week and the self-reflection there may be energy and emotions that come to the surface that you need help with. Please consult your medical professional or trusted spiritual advisor as needed.  

1.  The Human-Animal Bond:  The bond you have with your animals is incredibly strong.  In this video you will discover how your animals are a reflection of their environment.  Energies are shared. This will provide a shift in awareness which will help you identify blocks to healing both now and in the future. 

2.  Animals Heal People:  Animals are the definition of unconditional love.  They come into your life and are selfless in the way they absorb what is not serving you.  More and more their capacity to heal people is being discovered on deeper levels.  Many animals are in healing roles eg horses healing people with emotional trauma through Equine Facilitated Therapy. The healing ability of animals and what this means for them is covered in this video.

3.  Heal Yourself, Heal Your Animal:  In this video the concept of healing your pet by beginning to heal your own soul is introduced.  This is an important part of soul healing for your pets.

1.  Week 5 Goals
2. Journal Writing

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