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Possum Healing

posted 15 May 2017, 23:09 by Emma Rowe

This little ringtail possum came into my life for a day a few weeks ago, and I want to share the experience I had with her.  I went out for an early morning walk and my intuition guided me in a certain direction.  Down one of the streets, on the side of the road, I could see something unusual.  As I got closer, I saw this little Ringtail Possum in a statue position next to her mate who had passed away.  Her mate had been gone for some time, I moved him off the road and went back to the little one left on her own.  I asked her if she wanted to be helped and she did.  Scooping her up in my jumper she immediately relaxed in the dark, warm environment and we set of home so that I could examine her and see what she needed.

My heart was bursting, as it is always a privilege to be able to spend time with wildlife, and help them when we can.  I knew she had come to me to pass on some of her wisdom and be healed at the same time.  Nature is always trying to talk to us through the animals we see each day, they all carry messages for us and can teach us a lot.  The possum teaches us about opportunity, and not to be afraid to take it, when it is put in front of us.  In retrospect she had come to me just before a new opportunity to spread my message and healing to a wider audience, was about to come into my life.   I studied her medicine and the next week the opportunity presented itself, and I took it, drawing on the courage she had shown me. 

When I got her home, I took her straight to my spiritual room and my Mesa (altar).  Firstly I gave her a physical examination and she was in good physical condition, however she was suffering from shock and mild dehydration.  The shock was more emotional than physical.  She had witnessed her mate pass away and was left on her own, scared and vulnerable out in the open (possums will not be still like this out in daylight unless there is something wrong).  I immediately got oral fluids ready for rehydration and started slow rehydration, she took the fluids well.  After addressing the most pressing physical issue it was time to work on her energy body and soul.  I performed acupressure on some key acupuncture points and then performed a Shamanic healing.  Following the healing I got her settled in her dark, warm environment and then did an intuitive reading. She required healing around Acceptance and so I extended the deeper soul work and then left her to recover in a quiet room. During the day I rehydrated her and she slept, as all nocturnal animals do in the day.  By the evening she was bright and very strong, she was well hydrated and ready to go back into her environment.  I took her back to her territory and she scampered up the tree ready to have a busy night.

I share this story as it is such a great example of sacred reciprocity (giving and receiving), animal wisdom and healing at deeper levels.  Animals are conscious beings with complex emotions and they do grieve.  This little possum's soul needed healing that day, just as much as her physical body, and with the combination of healing modalities made a fast recovery.  She also taught me a lot and brought me courage before I even knew I needed it.  Listening and becoming more connected to nature transforms your life.