Winter-a time of rest, hibernation and cold invasion!

posted 11 Jun 2019, 19:13 by Emma Rowe   [ updated 11 Jun 2019, 19:18 ]

Winter is the time of year when nature rests, building up reserves for the next cycle. Rain nourishes a parched earth. Cold is the predominate energy of the winter and a natural part of the seasons. It is a time for people to be indoors and keeping warm.  

Animals, particularly our horses, are out in the winter elements and thus are exposed to the cold for prolonged periods of time.  Cold can invade the body and disrupt the flow of energy in the meridians (the invisible energy pathways), causing stagnation/blockage which then results in pain.  This typically occurs around the joints and it often affects older arthritic animals and people causing pain and problems with mobility.  

If you are cold you will normally want to curl up and within the body the soft tissues and energy meridians do a similar thing and this contraction causes cold limbs and tightness.  Thus, animals will often be stiff and sore during this time of year.

Acupuncture is a wonderful tonic for the cold winter body.  The body's warming system can be boosted to counteract the cold restoring balance and also stagnation/blockage in the channels can be shifted to remove pain.  Treating animals during the colder months helps prevent onset of pathology in their soft tissues and joints, keeping them happy, healthy and thriving over winter.  Additions to the diet can also help keep them warm and is particularly useful for older animals, especially older horses who can drop quite a lot of weight over winter. 

Personally I love this time of year, the shorter days, the precious rain, the crisp air.  I feel as though nature takes a breath during the autumn and then finally relaxes in winter prior to the onset of the spring warmth and wind.  It is a gift to have the healing tools to be able to look after the animals during this season, keeping them warm and comfortable.  

Autumn-the gift of stillness

posted 29 May 2018, 21:48 by Emma Rowe

Autumn is a magnificent time of year- in fact it is my favourite time, closely followed by winter.  After the long hot summer cooler, crisper mornings gently creep in and the wind starts to ease.  Everything starts to slow down and there is a beautiful stillness.  It is a time to immerse yourself in that energy, to slow down, be still and reflect.  There is so much beauty surrounding us in autumn- the beautiful blue skies, the amazing colours of the deciduous tress, the green tinges as the grass begins to burst through, morning dew catching the sunlight, clear nights with magical stars and full moons and the most stunning evening light at sunset.  We need to take the time and breathe it all in.  

The seasons are part of the cyclical energy flow through the universe and this flow is reflected in all living beings and the flow of energy within the body organs and systems.  The Chinese understood this very well and balance between the seasons and the body is very important to health.  Life is much more harmonious when we flow with the seasons rather than against them.  Autumn is the time for letting go, releasing what we no longer need.  Just like the trees losing their leaves we can reflect and release what is no longer serving us.  This autumn has been very difficult for me as I lost my beloved border collie Basil Brush who had been with me for 14 years.  The pain has been, and still is excruciating, but the falling leaves have helped me release grief and sadness each day. Nature is always there to support us.

Slow down, savour the colours, take a breath and be still during the last day of autumn.  Really experience the grace of reverence, which is to be in awe of the beauty and wisdom of nature.  Living with this grace in your heart makes each day more special, even during the very hard times.  

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