Intuitive Session
The soul sessions are for you and/or your animals and are unique to each person and/or animal .  They are about deepening your connection with nature and spirit and learning how to create a healing environment for yourself and those around you.  Many people come to me if their animal's are having problems or they simply want to understand them and communicate with them at a deeper level.  The sessions involve intuitive work, spiritual guidance, finding blocks to healing, Shamanism and Chinese medicine for you and/or your animals. 

A commonly asked question is whether the quality of the session is reduced by not being face to face. There is definitely no reduction of quality communicating through this technology, as the connection is on a soul level which is not affected by physical distance. In fact, not being physically present in the same location enhances the connection as the distractions of being in close contact are not present. Throughout her life almost all of Emma's trusted Spiritual Directors/Shamans/Mentors have been located interstate or overseas and thus regular communication and sessions have been through the phone or internet. Emma has found this to be an ideal from of contact for this type of work. 

The sessions are one hour and held over Skype or Zoom.  Please email if you are interested in a session.

Bookings are made online through the Booking page.


Emma offers a complimentary 15 minute discovery call via Skype or Zoom to discuss the Animal Soul Healing Course and whether it is suitable for you and your animal.  Please choose Discovery Call on the booking page. 

Bookings are made online through the Booking page.


Emma offers public speaking at events on a range of topics eg aspects of Disease and Healing, Chinese Medicine topics/Daoist Philosophy, Shamanic Wisdom, Soul Medicine, Living in Harmony with the Natural World etc.

Please contact us at to request more information or make a booking. The cost will vary depending on the event.