Eagle Feather is the home of Shamanic Acupuncture and healing for horses and other animals both large and small.  My name is Dr Emma Lucy Rowe and my Shamanic Acupuncture is a blend of Peruvian/Andean Shamanic Medicine, Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine and Low Level Laser Therapy.  This is an alchemical form of healing that not only heals at the physical and energetic level, but also more deeply at the level of the soul. 

An in depth knowledge of both Western and Eastern medicine underpins my consultations, however I also use my heart, intuition and higher wisdom to guide the treatment and healing.  It is the ancient, sacred nature of healing that I have always been drawn to.  I have been a life-long student of ancient wisdom, shamanism and mysticism and have worked with animals for over twenty years as a veterinarian, acupuncturist and healer. 

During a consultation I thoroughly examine the animal patient using both my veterinary and Chinese medicine diagnostic skills which is then followed by the Shamanic Acupuncture treatment.  The acupuncture is performed with the laser instead of using needles to enhance the effect on each individual acupuncture point and ensure the experience is as comfortable as possible for the animal.  The shamanic nature of the treatment involves intention and working with the ethereal plane (unseen forces), breath work, sound, and the use of medicine pieces throughout the session.  Many patients will also require local low level laser therapy on areas of injury or pain. 

One of my passions is to also teach people more about their beloved pets as conscious beings, so that they can communicate with them on a deeper level and be in a place of mutual understanding. The benefits of learning to communicate with our domestic animals not only enhances our relationship with them, but with all of nature. When we learn to speak to the animals, taking the time to listen and feel their soul, it becomes an equal partnership and they become our trusted friends. The animals have taught me so much, not only about disease and healing, but about the essence of life, coming back to the heart and living a congruent life in harmony with nature. Living in harmony with nature creates a better life for all on the Earth.

A note on my experience with healing.

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