Emma has founded Eagle Feather to help people connect with animals, nature, spirit and the soul.  It is our mission to share spiritual knowledge/philosophy, reconnect people with nature and to honour the Earth with ceremony.

Emma has been a life-long student of ancient wisdom, shamanism and mysticism and has worked with animals and people all of her life as a veterinarian and healer. One of her passions is to teach people more about their beloved pets as conscious beings, so that they can communicate with them better and be in a place of mutual understanding. 

The benefits of learning to communicate with our domestic animals not only enhances our relationship with them, but with all of nature. When we learn to speak to the animals, taking the time to listen and see life through their eyes, it becomes an equal partnership and they become our trusted friends. The animals have taught Emma so much, not only about disease and healing, but about the essence of life, coming back to the heart and living a congruent life in harmony with nature. Eagle Feather is here to share this wisdom and healing.

If you are feeling pain, sadness, frustration, anger, fear or confusion regarding the state of the world or your life, you are not alone. Many people are feeling the same, especially at this time when there is a lot of conflict in the world. Connecting to nature, listening to your heart, and learning to live congruently can transform your life and the lives of those around you. 


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"As a tree torn from the soil, as a river separated from it's source, the human soul wanes when detached from what is greater than itself.  Without the holy, the good turns chaotic; without the good beauty become accidental...." Abraham Joshua Heschel